Thursday, July 26, 2007

NCMS Applying for Grant to Improve Appearance of North Capitol Business Cooridor

The following is the text of my letter to the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, in support of North Capitol Main Street, Inc.'s bid for a NIF Target Area Project Grant (TAPG):

I urge you to act favorably on the grant application of North Capitol Main Street, Inc. (
NCMS). The grant is designed to implement physical improvements to our neighborhood business district through the installation of fencing around treeboxes and the planting of trees. My ANC single member district includes North Capitol Street between New York Avenue and T Street.

I have met with several current and prospective business owners this year. The potential of the area is evident, but, due to years of physical neglect, North Capitol Street continues to reside in an economic purgatory. Improving the streetscape would remove a substantial psychological hurdle faced by prospective business owners. Residents are ready to “buy local” and support small businesses, as evidenced by the success of Big Bear CafĂ© at 1st and R Street N.W.

Approval of the NCMS grant application could transform our area from one that has long “had potential” to a vibrant economic community that has arrived. Please feel free to contact me at (202) 302-7343 if you have any questions concerning the views of residents in my district.

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