Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Apologies for the "radio silence," but I am back with my first post since November. Welcome to 2008.

2007 featured a lot of meetings (I expect that 2008 will feature many more-- I've already logged four hours this week). I attended the two-to-three-hour monthly meetings of the Commission, multiple monthly crime-related meetings, monthly civic association meetings, and my monthly meetings with constituents. Then there are the miscellaneous activities, including meetings led by government agencies, Mayor Fenty or interest groups. I also met with school officials, business owners, and local social service organizations.

2007 was the year of meetings. I will seek to make 2008 the year of action. 2007 was about obtaining a better understanding of the neighborhood. 2008 will be about accomplishing change in the neighborhood. Let's make it happen, working together.

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