Saturday, June 21, 2008

Community Celebrates New York Avenue Basketball Court

Playing catch-up today with the neighborhood news....

Two weeks ago today, I joined community leaders, Ward Five Councilman Harry "Tommy" Thomas, Jr. and Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy L. Lanier for New York Avenue Basketball Court Ribbon Cutting and the Metro Basketball League's season opener. All who spoke recognized the contribution of Pulte Homes, who funded the construction of the basketball court. Terrence Judge, President of the Metropolitan Basketball League and Joyce Robinson Paul of Hanover Area Civic Association also spoke.

During my two minutes at the mike, I elaborated on the virtues that the game of basketball: it teaches teamwork, it reinforces the benefits of hard work (winning) while at the same time imposing penalties for violating the rules-- which is to say, it teaches some of life's lessons. As you can see from the photo taken by Bloomingdale resident Sara Kaufman, those present listened intently... well, at least Chief Lanier (far right) appeared to do so.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo. It captures the political environment in DC quite nicely.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

- Accosted Pedestrian

Anonymous said...

Captures the political and the cultural environment quite nicely.

Steve's Blog said...

Kris - you look like a true politician. Your constituents look excited to shoot some hoops and since you're a Hoosier, I'm sure you joined in the fun. Keep up the great work!!

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