Friday, May 18, 2007

NCMS Open House at Big Bear Cafe

Here are some late-breaking photos from the North Capitol Main Street economic development group reception at the Big Bear Cafe held on April 27th.

A large number of neighbors enjoyed food, wine, and cappuccinos. Anticipation surrounding the official opening of Big Bear continues to build.

Photos: Eckington Civic Association members Charlene McCullers and Joel Dubenitz are pictured to the right (click on the photo to get a good look at the kid peeking at the camera behind them). Assisting with the event are NCMS board members Tom Usselman and Karen Alston, pictured to the left.

Commissioner Stuart Davenport (5C-03), who owns Big Bear, stood up and made some comments, including another announcement about the upcoming Farmer's Market. Those present demonstrated their appreciation of his efforts with a big round of applause.