Thursday, May 24, 2007

Replace Graffiti with Art

Tonight, Ted McGinn, Caro Alcuaz, and I walked up and down North Capitol Street cataloging graffiti by pen, paper, and digital camera.

There is a ton of graffiti, much of it small and not immediately obvious. None of this graffiti approaches the skill demonstrated by artists affiliated with the Borf Brigade, who we are in the process of contacting in order to tap their talents. We also picked out some potential locations for large murals, and artists will be needed to design and execute the murals.

After we catalog the art, we will work with the D.C. government to eliminate graffiti on public property and secure consent forms from property owners.

In the photo above, you will see old posters from ANSWER that announced an anti-war protest in March. Now the posters located throughout the city are deteriorating and an eyesore. I will bring this environmental degradation to the attention of progressive ANSWER.

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