Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Video Store Opening on North Capitol Street

Meet Mehalon Lowe, our neighborhood's newest hero. He is opening Video North Capitol next to Full Yum, near the intersection of Florida Avenue and North Capitol Street.

He is a hero because when our crew canvassing North Capitol tonight suggested that he consider not putting up plexiglass, he readily agreed to give it a try. His courage is an inspiration to us all, and he joins businesses Big Bear Cafe (1700 1st Street N.W.), Jam Doung (1726 North Capitol Street N.W.) and Windows Cafe (101 Rhode Island Avenue N.W.) in advancing the glass-free approach that fosters positive interaction between businesses and residents.

The video store will focus on the Blockbuster crowd-- action, drama, comedy --rather than those interested in "adult" media. With pricing at between $3 and $4, his rates will be competitive with Blockbusters' $4.75 storefront pricing, and his location will be an amenity. Mehalon will have a lot of VHS format on hand, which reflects the demographics of the area and also allows him to carry older movies.

Mehalon has four children and has experience running a video store in Adams Morgan. The tentative opening date of Video North Capitol is mid-to-late June.


Anonymous said...

Kris, you are doing a great job as commissioner. I kinda-sorta wish I lived in your district!

Sean Hennessey said...

great news!

CitySlurp said...

Sweet, Cant wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Kris, I just want to say that although I would prefer not to see bulletproof glass, I value the lives and safety of the brave folks putting in legitimate buisnesses more.

I wish you would lay off asking people not to put in bulletproof glass. The truth is, they WILL get robbed (see Windows) and I would rather have them be here and be safe than not be here at all. As the neighborhood improves, the bulletproof glass can come down.

Kris Hammond said...


Let's take a look at the context. Not only do all of the establishments I listed not have plexiglass, but EC-12 will not have glass, nor will J. Bell's across the street (should it get off the ground). The business trend is clearly no-glass.

No one's arm is being twisted. Mehalon was already reluctant to put up glass, we only asked once. I don't find asking "would you consider not putting up glass" controversial. I think business owners should be free to take whatever risks they wish to take in order to make their business succeed.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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